Are you a girl boss?

Did you take the $99 leap into direct sales? Do you want to build a customer base and a team? Do you want this to be a full time gig with a full time income? Then honey, you’re a girl boss. Did you know that 82% of women who make over $100k a year did it through direct sales?

Direct sales ain’t your momma’s old Tupperware parties anymore.

I’ve honestly have asked myself how direct sales companies are still in business. With the dreaded Facebook parties and spammy stock graphics, how are these women still in business? Well almost 2 years ago, I took the $99 leap I never thought I’d make. And I was embarrassed, I didn’t want anyone to know I had joined! I just wanted the products for myself and that’s it! Ring a bell? I didn’t want to be another “Independent Consultant” bothering my friends with these products that I loved but I wanted to share them because they were amazing! I was so conflicted with what to do.

Well, I finally took the plunge and made my business public. But from the start, I told myself I was going to do things differently. I was going to only post my own photos, I would thing of a much better version of the dreaded FB Party, and I wasn’t going to beg people to join my team.

Image result for join my team
We are DONE with these types of graphics ladies!!

How did I do it? I built relationships. I didn’t force my products on people, instead I chatted with them, made a genuine conversation, and let them come to me about the products. I share my reviews, my own photos and videos of me using the products. I shared the experience.

So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to help you learn how to work your direct sales business in a way that’s actually going to get your business (and not make your friends delete you off Facebook). So buckle down, get ready to take notes, and work your business!


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