10 Social Media Content Tips

If you’re using your Facebook to post stock graphics from your direct sales company, oh honey do I have some tips for you. I know we all want to work our businesses on Facebook, but we need to learn to do it in a non-salesy way. Instead of pushing our products on people and spamming them with our website links, we need to get them intrigued in our products, create a want in an organic way, and use our personal photos to help us along the way.

Tip #1 cocnut oil

Memes – these are so great to use in your “business” posts on Facebook. One of the biggest reasons people log on to Facebook is to be entertained. So we need to do something to make them laugh! Find a meme (I’ve seen a ton on Pinterest for different direct sales businesses) or make your own! Here’s an example of one I’d use for my Perfectly Posh business.

Tip #2


Question of the Day – this type of post encourages engagement from your friends and followers. It also gets them interested in your products and wanting to learn more about your business. For an example, I’d post this image for my business with the scent descriptions of all our hand cremes and ask which one they would pick if they could only pick one. They are engaging, interested in what these smell like, and might reach out to try or buy!

Tip #3

Quick Tips/Life Hacks – how can your product be used in more than one way? Versatile products that people can use in a variety of ways are more likely to be best sellers for you! So post a short video or a little photo series about your product hack or tip. Maybe a weekly Tip Tuesday that people can look forward to?

Tip #4

Products Demos – this is a must if you have products that might be new or interesting and people aren’t sure how to use them. People are so inclined to press that play button as they scroll through Facebook so might as well put yourself out there!

Some examples for different direct sellers – if you are a LuLaRoe gal, show the different ways you can style a Carly. Maybe you work for a makeup company, show how you apply your favorite lipstick or foundation! Essential oils anyone? Show what you use to mix your oils in to create a custom blend! The ideas are endless!

Tip #5


Contests/games – these are always a huge hit because HELLO people like to have fun on social media! It can be as simple as a “Guess How Many” game like I have here, or it can be more in depth where they have to share a post, their favorite products, etc. Prizes? They can be anything you want! Something small, or even samples if your company has them. A percent off their order? Anything!! This gets your products in people’s hands and if they haven’t tried before, maybe they will become a repeat customer!

Tip #6 bts

Behind the scenes – people actually like to see what you’re working on! Post a behind the scenes of writing out customer thank yous, making samples, practicing your home show set up, etc. Customers might as to try what you’re working on, book their own party, but you will also get the attention of the people who have thought about joining!

Tip #7

Sample Sunday, Mail Monday, Try it Tuesday – any off these will do the trick! Pick a day of the week and each week (or every other week) post about getting your product on people! This is only going to work for companies with products you can sample, but it’s super effective! If you don’t get many bites the first few times you post, don’t fret! Sometimes it takes people a few times of seeing something before taking action. So stay consistent and get those new leads, hostesses, and customers! Remember to use YOUR face. Post a photo of you holding the samples. Make it personal.

Tip #8

Virtual Events – stuff people can “attend” online for fun. Go on FB Live and do an unboxing of an order, using your product, mystery bag sales, the ideas are endless. People love to feel a part of something. I recommend trying a virtual event once a month. It will help you get new contacts!

Tip #9 18601579_10209012506936482_2095937146_n

Paid for by [insert company name here] – this isn’t bragging, this is just showing what you EARNED with your income or incentives your company does. When people see you getting REAL things, paying REAL bills with your REAL income, they going to notice and maybe even think about joining! So if you used your commission on groceries, post your cart full of groceries! If you splurged and got Starbucks, post about it!

Tip #10 cgg

Inspiration – people LOVE the heck out of inspirational posts. You know what’s inspirational? YOUR BUSINESS! You joined your company for a reason that gets you in the feels, right? I joined Perfectly Posh because I loved how pampering made me feel and reset my mood. So I’d post an inspiration photo like this and caption it with something about how just using a soap or a lotion helps me feel pampered and like I can take on the day. BOOM! You’re inspiring others to try your products.

If you aren’t doing these types of post on your personal FB page, you’re doing your business a disservice. It’s OKAY to post on your page, but make sure you’re doing it in a non-salesy or spammy way. Personal, funny, engaging is the way to go. Now go work that social media!!


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