My Team Building Secret

Whether you call it team building or recruiting, it’s a big part of your direct sales business! In most companies, you need to build a team to rank up! I always tell my team building relationships is the key to adding to your team – but they wanted to know more than that. They wanted to know exactly how I built relationships that led to my rockstar recruiting habits.

Well….here we go. I Facebook stalk people.


Yup, you heard me right. Okay, like I said before, we need to be building relationships. We can’t just post “Looking for 3 people to join my team and work their way to the top with me” graphics. That’s not going to work, sorry. People don’t come on Facebook to be sold to or to be recruited. You know something people come to Facebook for? Social interaction. So if you have someone on your dream team list, go stalk them on Facebook. See what they’re up to. This really helps because if you see they are going through some hard times, then you shouldn’t bother them with your opportunity, right? Well by going through their profile you might see something you have in common with them. Maybe their daughter is in dance and so is yours. Maybe they have a husband deployed and so do you! Find something you can connect with them on then shoot them a message!

Don’t jump in with the opportunity. Start with an actual conversation, about the thing you have in common with them. “Hey Molly! I saw your daughter is in dance this year, so is mine! What classes is she taking?” You’ll probably go back and forth, you’ll ask how she’s doing, what she’s doing for work, etc. Then…she’s going to get curious and go Facebook stalk YOU to see what you’ve been up to. Maybe she’ll see some of your business posts and ask you what that is. BOOM! If you let your business come up in conversation organically, it’s so much easier to talk about. You aren’t being salesy or pushy, you are simply answering a question.

So maybe she orders some products, or some samples, and wants to learn more. Eventually, offer the opportunity, to your friend. If you just befriend someone, give them genuine conversation and social interaction, you’re going to have a lot easier time building your team up!

So I’m leaving you with this – go back to your dream team list or your FRANKS list and see who you can go Facebook stalk. Just be a nice human being and start a conversation. Let your business be brought up organically in conversation and you’ll see how much better building your team is!

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