Booking MORE and BETTER Parties

Booking more and better parties is important, especially if you have a sales goal you want to reach each month. You want more parties on the book and you want them to be successful. So I’ve got some thing you need to keep in mind – you may even need to change your mindset and how you work your business.

First step is to stop posting graphics to book parties. You know the one’s I’m talking about…What is this doing for your business? Are you getting likes on it? Comments? Bookings? I never do.

Image result for looking for party hostess

Second step, stop asking and start offering. Instead of asking someone “would you like to book a party with me” OFFER to throw them a party.¬†Okay, let’s get into the whole MORE and BETTER shall we?

We know that parties are the easiest and fastest way to get new customers, right? So how do we get more bookings that will help us do this? We have to remember to leave the pushy salesy stuff behind and focus on the people and the relationship.

  • Build up to the offer. It’s important that in the direct sales world what we are building relationships and keeping things personal. So be interested in your customers. Start a conversation with someone and making it NOT about your business. Ask about their kids, vacation, job, etc. Make that chit chat!
  • Share a compliment. Share a sincere compliment but one that you could also turn around in to what would make them a great hostess. “I’m reaching out because you have an awesome talent for decorating!” Then pull the hostess card. Maybe offer a themed party since she’s good at decorating? “I would love to have you as one of my 4 VIP hostesses I’m selecting to show off great products for summer. I’d love to spoil you with special gifts including (insert product here) Yay!”
  • Add in a fun factor. “I’ll bring wine and the goodies! I think it would be so cute to do a red white and blue party since you’re so great at decorating for events!”
  • Close with a yes or no questions (now that you’ve given the offer, you can ask the question) “How does that sound?” With this script I get sooooo many more yeses because your customer feels like you really made it about her and that you want to spoil her with girl time. This can totally be switched up to better fit a FB party too!

So do you think booking the party is the hard part? That’s the easy part – you got someone to say yes!! Now putting together a successful, engaging party is the next part. And I’m not going to lie, it takes some work.

  • Schedule a call/FB chat with your hostess. If this is her first time hosting with you, be sure to give her the rundown. Do not just tell her “incite all your friends that’s it I’ll do all the work”. Like please….don’t. Because we know that’s a lie. Tell her when to “show up” online for a FB part, or when you can arrive for set up, things she can post/talk about to keep the party engaged. I mean it IS easy stuff for her to do, but it’s not just let me do EVERYTHING, right?
  • Create a private FB event (public spams all your posts to everyone on your friends list which may seem like a good idea but people don’t want to see the same stuff over and over) so your hostess can invite for a home OR FB party. Make sure she’s sending personal invite via messenger first! No one likes a spam inviter.
  • Introduce yourself to the party goers. Give the basics about your business. Talk about why you joined your company. Someone could relate to you and want to join!
  • Get personal! Have your hostess do personal invites, post your own personal photos and videos.

And one of the most important things. FOLLOW UP! We want to book MORE parties! Follow up with your party guests and do all this all over again. Build the relationship and make her a party offer she can’t refuse!


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